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In internet marketing, there are various tools and techniques used in order to increase conversion rates. Marketers understand that in order to create a good website, they need to create a website that would have a good impression to potential clients. They understand the value of quality content in order to prove a clear and persuasive message or argument. Moreover, they know for a fact that they can use reviews and testimonials to boost the credibility of a business or website. When put together, these things will help provide an increase in conversion rates – thus selling more products or services.

Although these tools and techniques help increase the website’s conversion rates, they aren’t the only ones that should be used. In fact, there’s a powerful tool that can further increase conversion rates. I’m talking about marketing videos.

There are many things a short and simple video can tell. It can talk about the history and story of the business; the things your business does and have recently done as well as the products and services that you offer. Videos can be hand drawn, drawn digitally, be in “Claymation” and other modern styles. A good video will be an effective platform that effectively conveys the message or proposition of a business.

Videos aren’t only effective in delivering a clear message of the business but it also is effective in grabbing the interest of website visitors. With the right video and script, it is easy to capture the attention of a person (for at least a minute or two more than text), whereas written web content would easily make them click that “back” button. Furthermore, many people prefer to watch videos than read.

Videos provide a far clearer presentation, making it the best way to convey a business’ proposition. Yes, persuasive written content is good but videos combined with speech, text and engaging graphics would be able to provide a clearer way of communication. It provides a story that customers can easily relate, thus making videos more engaging.

Videos also have great “shareability”. A good video is most likely to be shared across various social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Because of this, videos are more likely to reach more people and give businesses an added boost when it comes to their marketing campaigns. Not only that, you may even enjoy the huge popularity boost if your video goes viral.
Videos are indeed a great way for businesses to connect with their target audiences. If you are currently looking for a way to increase your conversion rates, using videos might be the tool you exactly need. With that, our animated marketing videos probably are the solution for your business. Contact us today if you are in need of one.