Our 6 Step Video Process


We will do as much as research possibly about your business and make sure that the script will include detailed information. As part of our research process, we also ask as many questions as we want to you in order to get as much details as possible.

Script Writing

 The script may arguably be the most important element in the video. Thus, we spend a good amount on research in order to put the information into words which will convince your visitors to click that buy button.

Storyboard Creation

Based on the approved script and the details gathered from the research, we will now create a storyboard for the video. The storyboard made will be custom-tailored per second to match the perfect marketing video for your business.

Voiceover Recording

After the script is approved, we will begin the voice over recording by matching the voice you have chosen with the script written. Once done, we will send it to you for approval.

Animation and Revisions

In this step, we bring everything to life. The voiceover will be matched with the storyboard and the objects illustrated. They then will be animated together into the marketing video that your business needs. When everything is done, we send the finished video to you for approval.

Going Live

It is now time to publish the finished video. To make that happen, we will send all the files to you as well as the source files in order for you to start getting the improvements in conversion rates which you deserve.



“I was stunned by the high quality… He came up with the video’s script which I found needed no changes. Very happy with animation, voice and editing too. I have had a few videos made online and they’ve sucked. Vapid massed produced template rubbish. Now I have a video I can post on the front page, knowing that it’s going to catch people’s interest and warm them up to my product.” Coastal Moving (San Diego)

“Project was done in the quoted time and the ConvertiVid team was responsive, nice, and easy to communicate with. The script was well-written right off the bat. Made only 1% worth of changes! The voiceover quality was outstanding. The video quality is clean, has clever images, and everything pops. I am really impressed.” Boonad Marketing

“Very happy with my order! The Convertivid team was extremely professional and always on the ball when it comes to support. I was never worried if my order was going to be behind schedule because they are always keeping me in the loop. Conclusion: If you want to add value to your business site and engage people then this service is for you, you won’t be disappointed. What are you waiting for? ORDER NOW!” SubRepo Agency

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of animations can you produce?
We specialize in 2D animated videos for products, companies, services, movies (in the form of trailers) and others in a wide variety of styles (see our samples for examples).
How fast is the turnaround time?
For 60-seconders, we can complete them in 10 business days. For 90-seconders, 15 business days and for 120-seconders, 20 business days. In case of local holidays, project may get delayed.
I don’t like the end product, what shall I do?
You are allowed revisions. Revisions means you get do-overs when it comes to the animation of your service and you also are allowed to have corrections if the revisions are minor.
What are your payment options?
We accept Paypal as well as all major credit cards.
I want you to copy the style of a video I like, can you do it?
Sure, send the video file to us or the link for the video and we usually can get the job done with a little twist of uniqueness for your campaign!
I want to order in bulk or want to order regularly, do I get a discount?
It depends. Our discounts start at the rate of 2 video orders per month. If you want to order 2 videos or more per month then simply contact us and we’ll setup a good discount code for your company. Please do understand that our prices are already rock bottom compared to our competitors which is why we are only offering “WHOLESALE” discounts.
I want to advertise your service! Do you have an affiliate program?
None at the moment. However, we are open for partnerships so if you have a proposal, don’t hesitate to contact us.
Do you ensure an increase in conversion rate?
Definitely! Conversion rate SHOULD increase once you put the video on the site UNLESS your web design as well as the web layout is so bad that the need is not a marketing video but a web design re-make.
What is the best and fastest way to contact you guys?
The best and fastest way to contact us is by clicking that MESSAGE button on the side or through our Email (jom(at)convertivid.com) on weekdays at 8:30PM – 4:00AM EST.

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